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Peterson's first stop this season is for a peameal bacon sandwich at this Toronto favorite. Peameal bacon, which is back bacon rolled in cornmeal, gets its name from an earlier version of the preparation, when the meat was rolled in ground peas for preservation purposes.

The farm-fresh ingredients required to cook your chosen recipes are delivered weekly in our cooler box.

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Copy Link Chef-owner Corinna Mozo’s retro diner, decked out in pastel hues and squeaky vinyl banquettes, pays tribute to the original restaurant her grandfather owned in Cuba in the 1950s. Everything here is made from scratch, including the bread, pastries, and desserts. The serotonin-boosting barbecue beef short ribs are braised for hours and given a lacquer of sweet-savory guava sauce; the dish is served with piquant slaw, speckled rice and beans, and meaty palm-sized tostones.

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If you prefer fish, the whole sea bass is smothered in house-fermented chiles, Fujian wine, and flowering chives, creating a numbing hellfire that balances with the angelically floral fish. For dessert, mai lai go (a modest sponge cake from the dim sum realm) is ushered into a sophisticated stratosphere with a custard moat and salted egg yolk filling. To drink, Mimi offers one of the most comprehensive libraries of baijiu in the city, with bottles ranging from juicy and effervescent to deep and saucy.

At the pass, corporate executive chef Ted Corrado serves up Parisian plats du jour with delicate nods to Canadiana, such as butter-engorged escargot vol-au-vent that’s placed inside a bird’s nest of ethereally flaky house-made puff pastry; pungent foie gras terrine gilded with ice wine gelée; and salt-kissed steak frites (sourced from Ontario Woodward Farms) completed with red wine jus. End with quintessential tarte tatin featuring squidgy caramelized apples and get more info butter-caramel sauce.

These spots serve some of the best cheap food in Toronto — we’re talking $seis or less for a meal! And if you’re like us, we absolutely LOVE a great deal – especially when it’s food. Whether you’re craving Vietnamese, Chinese, Italian, or classic comfort food, these 10 cheap restaurants in Toronto have you covered. La Chilaca Taqueria

Previous dinners have included sweetbread-stuffed ravioli with parsley cream sauce; heart tartare, vibrant with fermented shrimp and whipped bone marrow; a menacing smoked chicken leg (with claws intact) served with breast mousse; and a vigorously gamy duck-hen-partridge tourtière, complete with a head and legs peeking out of the pie. Open in Google Maps

Take a stroll down the famous Ossington strip and find pho perfection at this Toronto stalwart. Golden Turtle has been around since 1987, and although its prices have obviously changed since then, you can get a satisfying meal for just over $15.

General Admission Includes the renowned show featuring a grand tournament of knights and a divine four-course feast complete with two rounds of select non-alcoholic beverages.

I’d definitely order on other food apps if possible, but some restaurants and deals are only exclusive to Uber Eats.

The delivery service itself is also very speedy – I’ve received an order in as short as under 30 minutes!

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